How do I become a Helping Hand Sponsor?

Contact us and submit your logo/picture, contact info and description of what your company does or message of hope along with your 1 year sponsorship fee of a minimum of $1000

How do I nominate a family or person for help or how can I help?

In our contact section you can email or mail your nomination along with details and a story of why you are nominating them. We as a board will discuss all nominees and help as many as we can. If you would like to help our cause, donations are always welcome along with volunteering to help fundraise or to help assist at our next function, please contact us.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) and your donation is tax deductible, EIN # 83-3710616


Do we donate all money raised?

All money raised goes to running fundraising events where all proceeds are donated to people/families in need.

Does anyone make money off of this?

No, all persons affiliated with our charity are doing this voluntarily and no one gets paid or receives any sort of compensation.