Our mission is to help as many people as we can in Palma Di Cesare's honor.


Palma was a loving, supportive and generous person and we want to continue that in her honor, so on February 14, 2019, we opened this foundation. We plan on raising funds through donations and fundraising events annually with the intention of helping people or families financially in need. The way we would like to find these families is through you. We are asking you to nominate them. Whether they are battling an illness or have had some sort of hardship, we are here to help. We will accept these nominations through mail, phone calls and email. We will be accepting nominations at any time throughout the year. Our board will review all nominations and help as many as we can!!! Along with the families, we will also be donating  to U of M Cancer Center annually and other charities helping people in need. We can't do any of this without your help. Your nominations and donations will go a long way to aiding our cause of helping as many people as we can together.

We are here to help, we understand the difficulties people go through, and we hope to be the Helping Hands to guide you. We were helped when we needed it and we owe the world to pay it forward. We were blessed to not need financial support but realize how important it is, along with emotional and educational support. No one should have to go through this alone, and if we can, we promise to help in anyway possible, in Palma's name.

Thank you and God Bless you.



Her Life

Palma Di Cesare's Story

Palma was a Wife, Daughter, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Nonna, Zia, Sister-in-Law, Relative, Friend and many more things to many more people.

She was born in Italy and moved to the USA at a young age with her family. While living in New Jersey she would meet her husband, Franco Di Cesare. In 1978 they would wed. They would  move to Michigan, and would have 3 sons, 2 wonderful Daughters in Law and currently 3 beautiful grandchildren. They would be married for 40 years.

In 2006, while her oldest son was getting married she found a lump in her breast, after getting it check out she would find out it was cancer. She would have surgery, to remove it, and then, chemo and radiation therapy. The breast cancer was gone and would never come back.

In 2010, Palma was once again in for a fight. She wasn't feeling good so we took her to the doctors and after some testing she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She would have her colon resection at Beaumont. With the help of some friends and the support of her family, she would go to U of M for the rest of her treatments. The cancer had spread and she was in need of a liver resection. The outlook was not good, without this surgery she would not be in good shape. The surgeon at U of M ordered some extra testing to be thorough and it was found out that she had a certain anatomy that was very unusual and allowed the surgery. This was a surprise to all of us, including the doctors (to who we will always be indebted too!!!). It was as if someone was looking over her trying to help her along the way. The liver surgery was a success and as far as we knew the cancer was gone.

Her following treatment included chemo and radiation. All of this would be done at the University of Michigan. Over the following almost 9 years she would be constantly monitored and Fight like hell as the cancer would come back in different areas at different times. She would go through numerous procedures and treatments.

Palma was able to spend time with her growing grandchildren on family trips to Mexico and Italy along with her children, husband and other relatives over these years.

The last few years of Palma's life were tough for her. Her health was deteriorating, but watching her you would never know it. She never complained, she never gave up and she always fought. She was an inspiration and a hero to her family. We are all in awe of how strong she was. Even in her most difficult times she never quit, she never stopped fighting.

In September of 2018 her health took a turn for the worse. With a house full of family and friends we would take her to U of M for one final time.  Even in her last days she fought, she was strong enough to go to the hospital and never say quit.

On September 27th, 2018, surrounded by her family, friends and loved ones, an angel was called back to heaven.

She taught us to live our life, to love one another, help one another and to never give up. We do this in her honor. We love You, We miss You and You are always in our hearts.


Till we meet again...

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